Dal Maso Leather Zhongshan

“Rahman Industries Limited as a worldwide group leading on leather business has made a strategic decision to add in their group 2015  Dal Maso Hong Kong (Holding Co) and Dal Maso Leather Zhongshan located in Guangdong Province.

Dal Maso China is the 2nd Italian Company that Rahman has in the group, ten years after Rahman created Rahmco in Italy (www.rahmco.com) with the aim to explore and succeed Italian and European market; with the acquisition of the Dal Maso Leather Rahman Group enter in the Chinese market and is going to play a role as the biggest Buffalo Leather producer in China with estimated volumes about 2 millions SQF month by the end of 2016

Dal Maso Leather will produce a wide range of articles , Aniline , semi-Aniline and Pigmented leather

The main markets for Dal Maso Leather Zhongshan will be USA, Korea, England, France , Germany and China”