While our certifications and business processes demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible corporate group, the impact that we have created in communities that we interact with, and outside business dealings, speaks of our true nature.

At Rahman Industries, contributing towards the betterment of society has always been of prime importance. We are committed towards improving the lives and livelihoods of people in the economically weaker segments of society. As part of sustainability initiatives that we undertake, we aim to recognise the needs of underprivileged individuals with drive and talent and facilitate their career paths by giving them access to education and skilling. We also acknowledge the needs of our own factory workers and demonstrate support by funding their children’s primary education.

The Company has a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee, which is constantly on the lookout for impactful ventures in which we can invest funds judiciously, every year. The core areas where we invest include:


Gaining the right education enables individuals to become the best versions of themselves. With that belief, we support the cause of making it available to those less privileged so that they can rise in society and lift communities with them.


It is said that success in sports is due to hard work, perseverance and having a positive attitude. We believe that it also depends on getting the right opportunities. So, to enable talented children and youth to get the right opportunities to excel, we have chosen sports as one of the focusses of our CSR activities.


Having good health and access to healthcare during times of illness should be a basic right for all human beings. As a responsible corporate, we do our bit to ensure that those who are economically less fortunate gain better access to health and healthcare facilities.