Safety Footwear

Our footwear is not just crafted from the best quality raw materials, it is ergonomically designed to be effective in a range of conditions from extreme to normal work environments. Offering ultimate comfort, our safety footwear becomes the foundation for people at work as they toil long hours in difficult working conditions.

We manufacture shoes that are ideal for protection in manufacturing and construction sites and supportive in logistics and outdoor activities. Based on the needs of our clients, we recommend safety footwear that is may have toe caps, reinforced soles, water resistant full grain leather, ideal against oils and hydrocarbons, etc., to ensure comprehensive protection.


Helmets are essential personal protective equipment used in various industries and activities to protect the head from injury. Ensuring that the helmet has the right blend of comfort and strength is the key as it ensures that the protective gear is practical to wear and will withstand impact, if called on to do so.

Leaning on our industrial experience in the field of PPE, we produce safety helmets for head protection using the most advanced technologies. Our safety helmets are tested on a range of different parameters under the supervision of our experts to offer users flawless products.


Choice of superior quality hand protection gear can minimize accident and injury in the workplace. Our hand protection gear is customized to our clients’ requirements. These protective gloves are made from high-quality natural rubber to ensure comfort to the skin.

We also offer gloves made of hand safe, powder free latex, so that they feel like a second skin while offering dependable comfort and flexible hand protection.

Safety workwear

Making coverall which are technically sound and yet comfortable to wear requires the use of good quality material. Paying attention to various factors that are in play, we produce overalls that have been well researched on the basis of fabric engineering, breathability and seam sealing processes.

Constructed from quality laminated microporus low linting and anti-static material, our Coveralls are designed to protect against certain light liquid splashes and hazardous dusts.

Face Mask

Workplaces which expose individuals to various organic and non-organic hazards call for the use of suitable face-masks to protect them from these potential dangers. For better hygiene, disposable masks are often preferred.

We produce 3-ply disposable face masks with high performance filter media and clog resistant welding respirators. These are light weight and offer face, skin and head comfort so users can breathe with ease.

Eye and Face Protection

Useful in the manufacturing industry, grinding units, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacies, our splash resistant goggles are equipped with unique non-reversal vents which protects the eyes and face from splashes, spatters, and dust and keeps them dry from moisture by circulating air within.

Ear Protection

In work environments that have noise or sound that exceeds certain decibel levels, ear protection is required to preserve hearing and reduce stress. Our high-performance polycarbonate disposable uncorded earplugs are crafted for best sound insulation and low pressure inside the ear.

Our ear plugs which are available in bulk packaged dispensers are popular at workspaces which require constant protection from noise and high decibel sounds as these offer better economies of scale.


Using state-of-the-art technology and machinery, we produce premium quality leather for automotive and furniture in-house. We pride ourselves on our process, which is monitored end-to-end for environment-safety metrics, on the strength of the R&D conducted at our environmental laboratory. The finished leather we create is of the finest quality and has earned a reputation in international markets for its style and finesse.

Footwear - Leather

We produce a range of footwear which spans from fashion to safety. Made of premium quality leather and international designs, these products are sought-after globally. We are the largest producers of leather safety footwear in India with an effective range of product designs for conditions from extreme to normal work environments.

Equestrian accessories

From saddles to other equestrian products, tacks, horsewear, pet products and apparel, we custom-make products for enthusiasts of this sport.

Sports and Casual Wear

With a complete bouquet of carefully-crafted and fashionable sportswear products, we cater to all the needs of sporting enthusiasts.

Our range of comfortable and fashionable sportswear products cater to the end-to-end needs of sporting enthusiasts.









Tank & Sports Bras



Sweatshirts & Hoodies

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Hydroconductive wound dressing

Our global wound care business combines over 80 years of manufacturing intelligence with an ethos to change the face of advanced wound care through unique technologies and clinical excellence.
Drawtex is a hydroconductive wound dressing with LevaFiber Technology, which combines two types of absorbent differentiated structures. This creates the ability to draw exudate away from the wound surface.

Drawtex Tracheostomy and Tube Dressing

Designed specifically for application around a tracheostomy tube after tracheostomy surgery. The keyhole aperture in the dressing allows it to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube or other drain or stoma to collect fluid and exudates from the tracheostomy site and ultimately prevent peristomal maceration.

Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Our home care business – Micro
Defence - manufactures a range of next-generation, certified antimicrobials, disinfectants and sanitizing products for daily use that are effective against pathogens, non-toxic to our planet, whilst gentle on the skin.


Micro Defence hand wash uses a plant-based, biodegradable formula and is infused with anti-bac annatto seeds and neem to eliminate bacteria & germs.

Hand Sanitizers

Our product - Naturant Instant Hand Sanitizer - kills 99.9% of germs and viruses without water. It’s non-sticky formulation provides protection against various bacteria & antibiotic resistant bacteria, tubercle bacillus, fungi & viruses including HCV, HIV, Influenza, & Covid-19 Type Corona Virus.

Floor Cleaner

Micro Defence floor cleaner leaves all types of floors, tiles and other surfaces, squeaky clean. It keeps away mosquitos, house flies and eliminates bad odour from toilets, drains & rooms, yet safe for everyday use & gentle on hands.

Room Freshener

Our lavender aromatic spray instantly fights bad odour and foul smell from rooms and linens, leaving an everlasting & elegant aroma of lavender.


Our dishwash liquid results in 50% less scrubbing and removes 3X stains, grease and odours with its formulation based on ginger and lemon.

Toilet Cleaner

Micro Defence toilet cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and leaves toilets with a fresh, aromatic odour.

All Purpose Cleaner

Micro Defence All Purpose Ultra Cleaner with natural and original ingredients and nano particles provides long lasting shine and removes upto 99.9% of dirt, grease and grime.