Rahman Industries has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing leather and footwear. Customising its products to meet a range of needs, the company manufactures leather for various end-uses including fashion wear, fashion accessories, safety footwear, upholstery, etc.

Gold Certification from LWG

The company has achieved Gold Certification (premium) from the Leather Working Group, a global not-for-profit membership organisation, which audits companies to assess operations within the leather production chain. Manufacturers with scores at 85% receive Gold certification, those with 75% are certified Silver and Bronze certification is awarded to those with 65% scores.


We ensure that all our operations are responsible and sustainable. While we increasingly use solar energy and recycled packaging material, all our plants are equipped with waste management and effluent treatment systems to facilitate chemical management.

Towards operations management, we have stringent norms for Health, Safety & Emergency preparedness in place as we believe it is our duty and social responsibility to protect our people at the workplace.